From the desk of NYCDOE DIIT...

Dear ATS/Mainframe user,

Please be advised that on April 15th, 2021, Webconnect (the tool you use to sign in to ATS/Mainframe) will be upgraded.

What does this mean?

It just means that when you sign into ATS after April 15, the sign in experience will be slightly different. However, the functionality will be the same.

Why is Webconnect being updated?

Java is an older programming language that is cumbersome to maintain and is not compatible with all browsers. The new HTML version will provide a quicker sign on process and browser-wide compatibility. Also, we are implementing a couple extra security features, including single sign on and multi-factor authentication.

What do I need to do?

Two things:

1. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your account. To do this, follow these instructions. If you don’t enable MFA now, you will be prompted to do so next time you try to sign in.

2. Review the new sign in process (below), so that you know you are in the right place next time you sign into ATS/Mainframe.

Instructions for Signing into ATS/Mainframe using your email for authentication:

1. Go to

2. You will see the DOE single sign-on page. Enter your DOE credentials. (e.g., cphillips99 – without the – The below is an example using email for MFA, if you use the app then please refer to step 1 and click on ‘follow these instructions’.

3. You will now see a page for the MFA code (you have to be enrolled) that is sent to your email (see example of email in step 4):

4. You should look for an email similar to the example below, you should use the last six numbers after the hyphen:

5. Click on Webconnect HTML5. You maybe prompted to run an activex. If you are, please do.

6. Enter your DOE credentials again. (e.g., – this time with the

7. Click on DoE HTML 5.

8. That’s it. You should now see the green screen.