IO Skedula-Google Migration

You can now access all of your Google Classroom assignments and grade books directly from I/O Skedula.

Click here for instructions and guidelines on how to import your Classroom contents from Google to I/O Classroom.

IO Classroom Features

    • Class Assignments:

      1. Include links to lesson plans, websites, files, group calls

      2. Link to Google docs/sheets or slides, creating individualized copies for each student, which are submitted online through PupilPath

      3. Link to any file type, allowing students to upload work such as jpgs or mp4s

      4. Online access to grades and comments through PupilPath

Attaching Google Files

Attendance Taking and Reporting

Teacher Handbook

Anecdotal Setup (Administrator)

Course Categories


Grading Assignments

Teacher - link Google Account

How to View Student Submissions

How to Create Required Submissions (Google File)

How to Update Contact Information

IO Assessment

Full Online Access to Assessments

    • Create your own questions

    • Upload a pdf with questions

    • Multiple choice automatically graded

    • Enter scores for Constructed Response

    • Full item reports available

    • Link and import scores to your IO Classroom gradebook, and report scores back to students and families through PupilPath

    • Live online proctoring NEW! 3/20 - release notes

IO Assessment Handbook (for any exam)

Hybrid Testing (Upload Test PDFs)

Test created from an Item Bank

Live online proctoring

Video: Online Assessments through IO Assessment and PupilPath

How to Import Grades from Google to Skedula

Import Grades Into Skedula.mp4