1. On your keyboard tab the backspace key or double click with the mouse.

2. Click on Switch User

3. Type your username (follow guideline below)

o First initial of your first name, first 5 characters of your last name, last 4 of your OSIS Number. Ex: (alinco1234)

4. Type your password: OSIS Number

5. Then press Enter

Please note:

Ø Do not share your username and OSIS # with any other students.

Ø Students are limited to print up to 15 pages daily throughout building. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Ø Your activities during your computer use session will be monitored by Administration.

Ø Your computer will be automatically locked after 5 mins of no activities.

Ø After 30 minutes of being locked out, your computer automatically logged you off completely.

Ø Always remember to save your project as soon as the first bell rings.

Always remember no food or drink allowed near any computers or labs at Aviation High School.