This page provides guidance for staff to use Zoom to conduct online conferences and virtual classes. Staff can host and record live virtual classroom as well as conduct conferences online (also known as online meetings or remote meetings) via Zoom. Teachers must login with your Aviation G-Suite accounts to setup online live conferences with your students.

important guidelines

  • Access Zoom via zoom.com and signup with your @aviationhslic.org school account (ex. JDoe@aviationhslic.org). For students use your SchoolUserID@aviationhslic.org login.

  • Students download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App for free from your Android or Apple ios mobile device.

  • Teachers you cannot create and start your class via the mobile app. You MUST use the web version.

  • Zoom has the capability to hold Online Conferences.

    • Host online meetings and live classes with anyone.

    • Scheduled meetings can be through a video conference link.

      • Users have the ability to host with a dial-in number.

    • It allows meetings for up to 250 people simultaneously.

    • Files can be view and share within the conference securely.

    • Share your screen live for PowerPoint presentation.

    • Record and save your presentation on your desktop and share with students, staff, etc.

    • NOTE: Google Chrome is the only browser that will allow you to join the computer audio for Zoom meetings.

Download Zoom Client for Meetings

You do not need administrator privileges on the computer to install this program.


How to Join a Meeting


Scheduling meetings


Meeting Controls


Breakout Rooms


Sharing Your Screen


Recording a Zoom Meeting


Zoom WEB VERSION to start your online class

Teachers always remember to signup/login with your @aviationhslic.org account (G-Suite).

Students MUST login with their @aviationhslic.org account in order to attend their teacher's online video classes.

Accessing Zoom via your AV Google Suite Accounts

Accessing Zoom via AV Google Suite Accounts.webm

Teachers: Learn how to update the recurring dates on your current Zoom meetings

Updating all your zoom meetings.webm

Zoom Online Tutorial (PDF) - Click below to enlarge


Zoom online video conference class tutorial 1 - (YouTube)

Zoom online video conference class tutorial 2 - (YouTube)

zoom mobile app

Students: Installing Zoom on your Android/IOS device to attend live class (YouTube)