Quick Contact Directory

Please click on the following topics to request support for your summer school needs. Each form entry will send email notifications to the appropriate summer school administrators for a response to your request.

Request Support for Students in Your Course - https://forms.gle/Q92bfQhVcdxqbqEaA

School Counselor Support Request Form - https://forms.gle/kLfJnvErg1CFAu1K7

Instructional Support Request - https://forms.gle/pXvGrzcnJR2LQSp86

Summer School Technology Helpdesk - https://tech.aviationhslic.org/staff/staff-helpdesk

Translation Services (Information Only - Not a Request Form) - https://tech.aviationhslic.org/staff/translation-services

Below please find additional DOE summer school resources:

iLearn Technical Support


Remote Learning Technical Support Ticket (put “iLearn” in the “I need help with..”)

Call 1-888-995-9866 or

Use the chat feature in iLearnNYC

Remote Learning Technical Support Ticket or


Students &


Technical Support for Families Form

Call 1-888-995-9866

Use the chat feature in iLearnNYC

Technical Support for Families