The guidelines to login to your personal account are as followed:

· On your keyboard tap the backspace key or double-click the mouse

· Click on Other user

· Type your username (Same as DOE ID only)

· Type your password

· Then press Enter

· **For first time user only, the computer will asked you to change your password to your own personal one:

o First type your old password given to you by the technician

o Second type your own unique password

o Third re-type the same unique password

o Then press enter

Please do not share your login credentials to students. We have discovered that students used the teachers account in the past to bypass the restrictions on theirs.

Any desktops and documents files saved in your account will be accessible in any computers that you login into throughout the building.

Teachers can only login to the Instructional rooms computers. Office's staff will only be able to login to the office computers. If you need to login to a different computer click here to submit a request.

Also there will be “Departmental Shared Drives” for teachers to share documents/folders among your colleague, internally only (not home). Any additional “Shared Drives” will be created as requested. These Drives are located by clicking on This PC.

Also per request only Shared Drives can also be created and accessible by your individually students to share classrooms assignments and reading materials.

If you are having any issues accessing any machine with your unique credentials, please click here to submit a help desk request online.